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Freebird in Naxos, Greece

I remember the feeling when I landed in Naxos. I felt free. Free from the horde of tourist crowds which still thronged Santorini in the month of September. Naxos in comparison had almost emptied, so much so that a few... Continue Reading →

Walk in Bratislava old town

We made Bratislava a day's stopover while traveling from Budapest to Vienna. And I am glad we did. Bratislava's town has that old world charm with beautiful buildings, winding alleys and streets full of cafes. It isn't as packed as nearby... Continue Reading →

Tioman Islands: A quiet getaway

Back then, things were getting very, very boring in Singapore and it was high time for a nice weekend getaway. Since I just wanted an escape to a quiet place, after much mulling, I decided to visit Tioman Islands, a... Continue Reading →

Cambodia – Itinerary and expenses

Cambodia fits the pocket well in terms of expenses on food and accommodation. One can find stay options for as low as $5-10 per night. And a 3 star hotel with good amenities can cost between $15-20. Of course there... Continue Reading →

Cambodia diaries: Phnom Penh

So Day 3 started with an early bus ride back to Phnom Penh. We booked Giant Ibis bus.One way ticket costs around $20. It has a couple of stopovers during the 6 hr long journey for breakfast and coffee. The journey... Continue Reading →

Cambodia diaries: The Adventure of Floating Village

This visit was quite accidental. We thought we had told Mr Ben to take us to the Rulous group of temples, instead he gathered that we wanted to visit the Floating village. So, when the tuk tuk stopped, we found... Continue Reading →

Cambodia diaries: Road to Banteay Srei and back

 It was just over noon when we left Angkor Wat. From here it was time to head out to another temple: Banteay Srei. It lies 20-25 km away from Angkor and is an hour's journey in the tuktuk. This ride costs... Continue Reading →

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