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Beach hopping in Vis

Unspoiled landscape, calm waters, a deep azure colour and plenty of solitude sum up Vis' beaches. Beaches here aren't huge what with the small area of the island, but they are plentiful. There are so many nooks and hidden coves... Continue Reading →


Ducking for Blue Cave

Blue cave is named as such for a cave on Bisevo island which glows blue during specific times. It is easily visited via a lovely forty minute boat ride from Vis island. Boats to Bisevo depart from port of┬áKomiza which... Continue Reading →

New found love: The Adriatic

Croatia was a revelation. That one country has such diversity of well preserved historical cities, national parks, beautiful countryside and postcard worthy islands is almost unbelievable. Up front I will admit that the only reason I wanted to go there... Continue Reading →

A summer day in Austrian Alps

As a child, I couldn't believe that that blue sky and rolling green meadows, in the midst of which the von Trapp children discovered music, could exist. When older I knew better, of course, and dreamed of someday actually being... Continue Reading →

Hiking along the Caldera in Santorini

The hike from Fira to Oia in Santorini is my favorite memory from the visit to the island. What could possibly be a better way to see the island on the first day than walk the length (part actually) of... Continue Reading →

Heavenly vibes in Berchtesgaden

It was the summer of 2016. While planning a trip to Salzburg, I was having difficulty in zeroing in on places in the surrounding Alps region since there were just too many that excited me. I eventually fell for Berchtesgaden.... Continue Reading →

Freebird in Naxos, Greece

I remember the feeling when I landed in Naxos. I felt free. Free from the horde of tourist crowds which still thronged Santorini in the month of September. Naxos in comparison had almost emptied, so much so that a few... Continue Reading →

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